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Acc 221 – Cost Accounting Tutoring for University of Bahrain

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30.000 BHD

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This course offers tutoring for students at University of Bahrain (“UOB“) who are studying Acc 221. The course will include:

a) Recorded sessions explaining each chapter in details.

b) Study notes.

c) Solving numerous exercises.

d) Explanation will be a combination of Arabic and English.


The videos are prepared based on the 2021- 2022 syllabus and will cover the following:

Chapter 2. An introduction to cost terms and purposes.

Chapter 3. Cost Volume Profit Analysis.

Chapter 4. Job Costing.

Chapter 5. Activity Based Costing and Activity Based Management.

Chapter 7. Flexible budgets, direct costs variance and Management Control.

Chapter 8. Flexible budgets, overhead cost variance and management control.

Chapter 9. Inventory costing and capacity analysis.

Chapter 17. Process Costing.


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