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Cash Based Credit Risk Analysis

Credit Risk is one of the main pillars of the Risk Management Function that almost all entities are exposed to: Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Corporates and Individuals. As such, Proper assessment and understanding of Credit Risk improves the operational environment of the different organizations and should be considered as part of strategic decisions taken my Board of Directors and Senior Management


The course intends to revamp the traditional Financial Ratio analytical approach and drive it towards Cash Based Analytical Approach to analyze and assess Credit Risk in a structured manner in Credit Decision Making. There are three primary and crucial Intended Learning Objectives within the course. The materials are prepared to be in the form of “Applied Learning” where participants by the end of the course will be able to apply the learnings and analytical tools with a case study presented to emphasize on the key learning objectives.


The Intended Learning Objectives tend to drive the Credit Risk Analysts towards focusing on Cash Based Credit Analysis in assessing the Business, Financial and Structural Risks when evaluating a Credit Proposal.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the definition of credit risk, how it is correlated with other risk drivers and the importance of credit risk analysis.
  • Develop and credit risk analysis framework and explain the BFS framework.
  • Emphasize on the importance of cash based credit risk analysis.
  • Explain variety of tools that can be used in the credit risk analysis.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons3h 25m


Lesson 1 00:7:47

Definition of Credit Risk

Importance of Credit Risk Analysis

Framework for analyzing Credit Risk

PESTEL analysis

Financial Risks

Structural Risks

Limitations of Financial Statement Based Ratios

Cash Based Analysis Framework

Linking Financial Ratios to Cash Analysis and Cash Flow Grid

5 C’s of Credit

30.000 BHD

Material Includes

  • Only one material that can be downloaded called “Analytical Tools”
Durations: 3h 25m
Lectures: 14
Students: Max 0
Level: Expert
Language: English
Certificate: Yes


  • Basic understanding of financial statements analysis.

Target Audience

  • Credit Risk Analysts.
  • Relationship Managers.
  • Executive Management.
  • Fresh graduates pursuing careers in Risk Management.